B & M Machine Works

Since 1963


Our equipment includes:

  •      * A range of CNC lathes with bar-feed capacities of 1/8" through 3-1/2" diameter.
  •      * Swiss Style CNC lathes with bar-feed capacities of 1/8" through 1-1/2" diameter. 
  •      * A line of CNC vertical machining centers with envelopes from 31"x16"x20" through
  •        78" x 33" x 28". 
  •      * A manual machine department offering custom support to our CNC department.


                           Manufacturing/Outsourcing Partner

Whether your organization is looking for a reliable machine shop to supply large quantities of parts, or if your in-house machine shop has reached maximum capacity,     B&M is the machining partner of choice. 

B&M has the experience and stability needed in a long-term supplier. We have the flexibility and capacity to meet our customers scheduling needs. 

Our array of CNC machines is ideal for producing large quantities of small diameter parts at very competitive prices.


                                   Flexible Scheduling Programs 


B&M offers flexible scheduling programs that minimize the total costs of acquisition and possession of the parts we supply.  B&M helps to reduce costs and average lead-times while ensuring on-time deliveries that meet the specific needs of our customers.